Sunday, January 24, 2010


Last but not least, especially in the amount of work I've put in, is Ziggy. Ziggy ended up being my birthday present this year. I gave up getting a Wii and a tattoo in order to bring him home and fix him up. Ziggy, a bearded dragon, was surrendered in a 10 gallon tank with no lighting or heat source to the pet store. He couldn't walk, his femurs were bent, his jaw was bowed and mushy, he was missing most of the toes on his back feet and part of his tail and he hadn't shed in a long time (layers of skin were built up on top of each other). We brought Ziggy to the vet, he was malnourished, dehydrated and diagnosed with metabolic bone disease. Ziggy was in worse shape than Be Bop (see previous blog). I knew he had to come home with me.

Ziggy was put on a course of liquid calcium supplement, and properly fed fresh salad and lots of yummy bugs. I put him into a 40 gallon breeder with proper heating (hot spot of 100 degrees give or take 5 degrees and an ambient temp of around 85), full spectrum UBV lighting and good hides and basking spots. Ziggy eats like a pig. He is successfully shedding on his own and walking! Ziggy's jaw bones hardened, but he still has a characteristic under bite. I don't think Ziggy will ever catch up in size to his brother Be Bop but he has more than enough personality to make up for it!

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