Sunday, January 24, 2010


Sticky is a Crested Gecko. The species was actually thought to be extinct until a group or research scientists found a colony of them alive and well on the island of New Caledonia. Of course, specimens were taken into captivity and now they are becoming one of the most popular lizards in the pet trade. Sticky is an arboreal lizard and spends his days relaxing in a naturalistic terrarium set up, complete with elevated feeding dishes and live plants. I recently received a waterfall kit from a friends and will soon be adding a cool water feature to his tank to complete the natural look and feel of his habitat. The more naturally you have your herp set up, the more natural behaviors you can observe.

Sticky is yet another rescue. He was the smallest gecko in his tank at the pet shop and was being picked on by the bigger males. Sticky had also lost his tail. This occurs in a good percentage of captive geckos, but research shows that most male Crested Geckos are tailless in the wild. The lack of tail makes Sticky look like a strange frog/dragon cross which is actually pretty endearing. In Crested Geckos the tail does not regenerate as in many species. I couldn't help but bring Sticky home and add him to my scaly family. He's now full grown and super handsome. I'm thinking about getting him a girlfriend or two but don't tell my girlfriend because Crested Geckos are rather prolific!

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